Online seminar

Pregnant mare and foal - live seminar and on demand

The online continuing education course program covers important aspects of the pregnant mare and the foal.
The live online seminars will take place in autumn 2020 on Thursdays at 1 pm (Central European Time).
The aim of the “Lunch and Learn” seminar is to promote professional discussions and cooperation in veterinary practices and clinics.

Seven internationally recognized specialists in equine reproduction and clinical research will present 45 min live online seminars in advanced gynaecology and neonatology with lots of pictures, videos and clinical cases.
Participants can subsequently join a 15 min live Q&A session with internationally recognized specialists in equine reproduction.

The seminars are recorded and available to course participants on demand. Registration is recommended a week before the live-seminars to enable transmission of the email link upon payment in time, but access to the recordings is possible until December 2020. You can start with the seminar series whenever it fits you best.

Leaflet Online Seminar "Pregnant mare and foal"

Topics and speakers:

  1. October 15th 2020 1 pm (CET)
    Early pregnancy loss in mares
    Mandi de Mestre, Royal Veterinary College,
    London, UK

  2. October 22th 2020 1 pm (CET)
    Management of twin pregnancies
    Jutta Sielhorst, ReproTraining, German

  3. October 29th 2020 1 pm (CET)
    Fetal sexing
    Marco Livini, Ippovet, Italy

  4. November 5th 2020 1 pm (CET)
    Update on Placentitis
    Margo MacPherson, University of Florida, USA

  5. November 12th 2020 1 pm (CET)
    Dystocia in the field
    James Crabtree, Equine Reproductive Services, UK

  6. November 26th 2020 1 pm (CET)
    Ultrasonography in the foal
    Emily Haggett, Rossdales, UK

  7. December 3rd 2020 1 pm (CET)
    Foal adoption and fostering of the newborn foal
    Peter Daels, University of Ghent, Belgium

Course fee:

(for all seven seminars of the online course program
„Pregnant mare and foal“)

GPM-/BEVA/SIVE-/AAEP-/AVA-members: 260 Euro (plus VAT)
Non members: 350 Euro (plus VAT)
Students: 140 Euro (plus VAT)

The access link to the live stream and the on-demand recording will be made available upon payment just before and after the seminars.

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